Lincoln Financial Group

Taking brand tools out of the toolbox


Lincoln Financial Group had abundant brand management assets: training, platforms, tools, and materials. But a lack of governance  and adoption meant all these items were essentially lying fallow—neither sales, underwriters, nor customer service really used them. Lincoln Financial’s distributed workforce added yet another challenge in developing brand understanding and engagement. The client wanted their teams to choose to use the power of their brand.


Brand tools can only be powerful if we plan for them to be adopted and actively managed. By focusing on the people in your organization, and accounting for their specific needs, your brand can be amplified and strengthened.


With experience in how brands propagate through organizations, TenTen created a brand ambassador program for Lincoln Financial that would not only generate excitement on launch, but also add value over time. After ambassadors were recruited and clearly identified, we produced a reference guide that made it easy for them to communicate the key elements of the brand. We then built a  powerful new brand center to provide brand assets, information, and answers to practical questions. We created a brand education curriculum to teach critical skills – such as writing in the appropriate tone of voice and giving creative feedback – that will allow brand to work harder across Lincoln Financial Group. And finally, we gave everyone at Lincoln a defined brand role, designating them brand council members, brand ambassadors, or brand champions.


The company has enthusiastically embraced the Brand Ambassadors program and plans to build on it. The brand is now seen as an asset by the wider business and actively used beyond the marketing team with the sales team now key users—getting closer to a single and defined customer value proposition.

What we did

Employee engagement / training

Brand governance