A $4 billion new brand


Leidos was a new brand with a long history. Born in 1969 as part of SAIC, Leidos became its own company in 2013 and launched with a workforce of more than 25,000 and $4 billion in existing business. After two years, Leidos came to TenTen with several specific problems: elements of their visual identity proved to be hard to reproduce and users were having difficulty maintaining consistency while implementing the brand.


It’s tempting to replicate a complicated business with a complicated brand. But simplicity beats complexity by focusing the message and visual expression making the brand easier to use.


TenTen realized that even though Leidos had a multi-faceted, complex business; the brand itself had too many options. By auditing individual user issues, we instigated a process of optimization that refreshed and strengthened the brand by simplifying it. The new visual system reduced the number of choices–fewer fonts, simplified approach to color and photography tied to messaging–and provided a visual narrative to drive layout design which helped increase the consistency and efficiency of its use.


Today, because the system is simpler, the brand is stronger and more focused—to brand users and clients alike.

What we did

Visual identity

Design system extension