Simplicity is bliss


EcoATM is an electronics recycling business that uses in-store kiosks to accept trade-ins of old cell phones and other devices. Having recently acquired an online recycler,, which they had recently acquired. The EcoATM brand expression was complicated and outdated, falling short of suggesting the promise of quick and easy cash for old devices. TenTen was brought on board to assess their visual expression, define a more contemporary visual design while harmonizing the two brands.


We believe creative choices lie at the heart of any brand strategy. It’s not always about starting over—your existing visual tools will often benefit from a refreshed approach to their use.


Driven by the newly evolved business goals, we were able to develop a strategic lens to review the existing visual system—identifying what was working, what wasn’t and gaps that needed to be filled. Establishing a signal color while removing distracting graphic elements helped to streamline the visual system and a renewed approach to photography helped create a stronger visual narrative. Additionally, unifying foundational elements with the brand helped to ensure that both EcoATM and brands worked together, with distinct promises but overall harmony.


Both EcoATM and Gazelle experienced successful launches. Users now understand what each brand stands for and how they work together. Most important, market reaction to the new brands was decidedly favorable.

What we did

Visual identity

Implementation / production