Planning the transformation of a growing 
global information technology brand

Founded over 25 years ago as part of Dun & Bradstreet, Cognizant became an independent IT consultancy in 1996, eventually becoming a leading player in Business Process Outsourcing and IT consulting. Over the years, the company grew and as client needs evolved, so did Cognizant. Services expanded, its footprint grew, and domain expertise was enhanced. Today, Cognizant generates over $16bn in revenue and employs over 280,000 employees around the world. And, while the company had changed and evolved significantly over the years, the brand had not.

In 2017, Cognizant began working with a number of high-profile design studios to rethink Cognizant’s brand identity. Finding itself outclassed by more recognized brands in boardroom discussions (think IBM, Accenture, etc.), Cognizant needed a brand that didn’t anchor it to where it had been, but set it up to have conversations about where companies of all sorts and sizes were headed thanks to digitalization. The design partners were successful in developing ways to reimagine Cognizant’s look and feel in a more modern and leading way. However, they weren’t equipped to translate their design intent into a full system that could be easily put into practice by Cognizant’s 280,000-plus employees. With a time zone- and facility-spanning workforce, Cognizant needed someone who could step in and guide the company through the process of rolling out a global transition. And, they needed to get it done fast. 

TenTen’s assignment was two-fold: 1) plan and coordinate the global rollout of the new Cognizant brand across the entire organization; and 2) turn the selected design direction into a full-fledged visual system, with the tools, templates and processes needed to be useful and usable by a range of marketing and non-marketing personnel. 

TenTen worked with Cognizant to develop a global launch and activation plan that took into account the geographic and time distances between members of the Cognizant team. We segmented and prioritized audiences, developed a launch and rollout cadence, and created a full timeline and budget view so that the client marketing team could plan their resources accordingly. And, as launch approached, the TenTen team worked to execute the changeover, providing materials production, program management and oversight, and implementation services. This was all in coordination with multiple agency creative partners and vendors.

At the same time, partnering directly with Cognizant’s internal and external design teams, TenTen worked to understand and refine the initial design thinking. Further, we built guidelines, tools, and templates that would allow the ideas shown in the mockups to become reality. Balancing an understanding of core design with the realities of activation, TenTen equipped the Cognizant team with a system that went far beyond logo files and included tools that fit the day-to-day needs of IT consultants.  

In the end, the new Cognizant launched in a single 24-hour period to every associate worldwide. Today, Cognizant continues to grow and evolve, albeit with a brand that is helping to support the new, modern business story the company tells. 

What we did

Activation planning

Design system extension

Implementation / production

Launch planning

Program management