Signs of the times


Celestica, a leader in design, manufacturing, hardware, and supply chain solutions for businesses, was undergoing an extensive rebrand. TenTen was brought on to extend the new brand identity across all signage and manage the implementation across the company’s global properties. Because Celestica is a decentralized organization, the new signage had to account for more than 20 unique locations, various types of offices and local priorities.


While putting a logo on the wall sounds simple enough, sign programs typically prove to be the most complex and expensive part of any rebrand. Complex problems can be broken down into simple identifiable steps and efficiencies are found by identifying fundamental issues early in the process.


We created a scalable approach based on Celestica’s budget. In phase one, we conducted site visits, auditing their different sign types and needs throughout the world. In parallel, we set a design standard based on the company’s headquarters and another location. Leveraging this design approach we began developing specifications for the most important four signs: monuments, vehicular wayfinding, reception, and skyline signs. With our specifications set, we worked with a manufacturer to prototype and refine our designs while also resolving any potential issues at the factory rather than in the field. With the issues ironed out, we extended the design across five additional sign types: interiors, office plaques, way-finding, distraction graphics, and scaled monuments. Lastly, our continued vendor management and oversight ensured proper installment and helped find further efficiencies throughout the program.


The quality control results of the new signage were evident immediately, and after our work to actually debrand many sites where signage had previously existed, a less cluttered environment made the new signage much more effective. Last, but certainly not least, the company enjoyed substantial cost savings by bulk ordering signs with a consistent look and feel.

What we did

Activation planning

Implementation / production