A roadmap to efficiency

The Challenge

As a leader in its field, AT&T is constantly looking for opportunities to strengthen its business. The acquisition of Cricket Wireless, DirecTV, and Mexico Wireless added three major business lines to their portfolio—and one major challenge: These three established businesses had to be integrated into the AT&T brand. The additions also drove an even bigger initiative: to improve aging brand systems and improve brand operations, in particular

  • The review and approval process
  • Digital asset management
  • Branding microsites that offer creative and execution guidelines
  • Using Adobe as a key partner to streamline a cloud-based marketing and branding system


Many companies think they understand their brand, but ultimately brands exist in the minds of your stakeholders. Start by understanding the brand where it really lives in order to guide implementation strategies and plans.


The first step to tackling this dual-faceted project was a comprehensive audit of existing brand systems, seeking out duplications and gaps. We then interviewed teams of users, identified the different types, and mapped out their entire experience to  make recommendations about how their needs could be most efficiently met. After a dialogue with existing technology vendors to understand the new capabilities that were coming online, we created a roadmap for a single system. Then we applied our learning to create a playbook for future mergers and brand integrations.


By eliminating redundancies and filling in gaps, we identified a $1.5 million savings for AT&T in licensing fees, and were able to reduce the number of systems from more than 25 to 8. Finally, by keeping everything in one place and implementing a single sign-on across all platforms, the brand could be represented much more consistently.