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Nearly 100 rebrands since launching in 2015.

TenTen is a brand implementation firm that helps organizations plan, build and manage a brand change.

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How we help

Preparing for a rebrand
Before you embark on your next major brand project, ensure you are properly informed to proactively manage expectations and get the job done. We identify exactly what you need, how to prioritize it, how long it will take and how much it will cost.
Making identities work
Our expertise in execution ensures you end up with the right tools & resources for real life work, coordinated with the high-level strategic picture. We know how to identify and close the gap between sign-off and putting it into action.
Maximizing value
Managing your brand provides opportunities to continually evaluate and optimize the entire brand experience. We determine the most appropriate tools and processes to drive down brand-related costs while improving market performance.

What we do

We work closely with our clients to implement a new brand or migrate an existing brand, navigating the process of planning for and executing the brand throughout the organization and everywhere it lives.



Launch & rollout planning

Implementation planning

Budget & timeline development

Brand management & engagement planning

Partner / vendor recommendations



Asset development

Media testing / asset validation

Design extension

Templates & guidelines

Training materials

Signage programs



Brand governance modeling

Brand education curriculum

Training sessions

Material assessments / evaluations

Partner / vendor guidance

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